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Pete Morelli’s Officiating Crew Reportedly Removed from Cowboys vs. Redskins

Pete Morelli's Officiating Crew Reportedly Removed from Cowboys vs. Redskins

Pete Morelli’s crew has been reassigned to work another game instead, NBC Sports reported. An earlier article blamed Week 11 errors for the crew removal.

The referee crew headed up by Pete Morelli has been yanked from this coming Sunday night Steelers-Colts game after making multiple mistakes (and getting blasted publicly) during the Cardinals-49ers game on Sunday.

No one was holding back after the Arizona-San Francisco game, with Cards coach Bruce Arians calling the refs explanations “FUBAR” and saying they “can’t count to three.” 49ers guard Alex Boone said “those refs sucked.” As such, according to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, Morelli and his crew were reassigned after making mistakes in Arizona-San Francisco.

Florio originally reported Morelli’s crew was yanked off of the Monday night Cowboys-Redskins game this week, but a league source tells CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora Morelli’s crew was never assigned to that game.

The league’s comment on the refs’ assignment was slightly more vague.

“With the exception of the referee, officiating crews are not announced publicly in advance of game day,” the league told CBS Sports in a statement. “Schedules change throughout the season for a variety of reasons, and we do not comment on why officials are assigned to specific games.”

The idea of demoting refs is kind of weird right? It implies certain games are worth less than one another. Whatever the case it’s clear the NFL has an officiating issue at the moment.

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