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Mother Lisa Connor Says 2-Year-Old Daughter Got Bloodied Feet From Next Jelly Sandals

Mother Lisa Connor Says 2-Year-Old Daughter Got Bloodied Feet From Next Jelly SandalsThe Blackpool, Lancashire, resident said her daughter, Esme, wore her birthday present for half an hour and got cuts on her feet and ankles, reports say. The company has asked to examine the shoes.

Lisa Connor’s little girl had just turned two and got a number of gifts for her birthday she was excited for her to try out. After the guests had gone home, the mom gave her toddler a special pink present she thought was cute until her daughter was left screaming in agony from it.

Just a half an hour after Lisa sent her little girl, Esmé Connor, outside with her present, the toddler came running back in the house crying and covered in blood. That’s when the mom realized the $12 mistake and has since gone on social media to warn others not to do what she did.

After celebrating her daughter’s birthday over the weekend, the mother from England thought it would be fun to dress her little princess in one of her gifts that following Monday. The Next brand pink plastic jelly shoes she got as a present were the perfect fit when she slipped them on Esmé before sending her out to play in the yard.

The toddler had only been outside for about 30-minutes when she came screaming back to her mom and begged her to remove the once cute shoes that were now covered in blood. Lisa found deep incisions on her daughter’s right ankle which she said were caused by sharp edges around the sandal straps, the Daily Mail reported.

Sickened and shocked at what an innocent pair of $12 shoes did to her little girl, the 26-year-old mom snapped photos of Esmé’s bloody feet to share on Facebook, as a warning about what these Next brand sandals can do to your kids. “Esmé was in absolute agony. I couldn’t believe it because she had only been wearing them for half an hour,” the angry mom wrote in her post. “It’s not like she was running around in them for hours. She was just plodding around the house and then came running in in tears.”

Lisa’s post reached the shoe company who replied to the mom’s legitimate concerns with a vow to take a closer look at this particular product. That seemed like a passive approach to a dangerous issue which didn’t sit well with the rightfully irate mom. “I think they should be taken off sale before any more children get hurt. She’s not been able to put any shoes on since,” Lisa said.

It wasn’t as if this child had been running around for hours or doing any kind of activity she hasn’t done before when this happened to her feet from the shoes. The fact that she was injured to this extent in such a short amount of time is something that Next should take seriously unless they are fine with being sued.

When any consumer pays for a product, especially one for a child, they should be able to assume that the designer did their job to meet even the most basic safety expectations. Clearly the edges of this sandal were too sharp and that should have been obvious, or at least taken into consideration, before selling this item to the public.

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