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Woman Charged With DUI After Dog Falls From Car in Orem, Utah

Woman Charged With DUI After Dog Falls From Car in Orem, Utah

OREM, UTAH – The driver, whose blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit, was making a turn when a dog fell out of her car window on Saturday, police said.

A motorist whose blood alcohol content was allegedly three times the legal limit temporarily lost her dog when it fell out the car window as she attempted a U-turn in Orem, Utah, on Saturday, according to authorities.

The incident occurred at about 11 a.m. when the woman made a U-turn at 800 East and 800 North, police said.

Witnesses in the area reported the woman’s erratic driving to police.

“The car was weaving unable to maintain a lane, and then when they saw the U-turn that’s when we got a lot of calls,” said Lt. Craig Martinez of Orem Police Department.

As the driver made the turn, her dog flew out the window, police said.

“One caller said the driver did a U-turn and the dog that was in the passenger side seat had fallen out of the window and the driver just kept going,” Martinez said.

Witnesses got the dog to safety and were able to get the alleged drunk driver to stop.

“One of the witnesses picked up the dog, walked up to the window and the driver made the statement, ‘That’s a cute dog.’ She didn’t realize, one: it was her dog, or two: that it had fallen out of the car,” Martinez said.

Witnesses told police they could smell alcohol on the driver’s breath. After going through a field sobriety test, it was determined the woman was three times over the legal blood alcohol content limit.

“Fortunately for everyone the dog is just fine,” Martinez said.

The driver was booked and taken to jail.

“Very good job on their part, who knows what could have happened,” Martinez said.

Police did not release the driver’s name, saying they did not want her to be a target of animal activists.

The woman was charged on suspicion of DUI.  Police said her dog would be returned to her.

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