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Vladimir Putin dismisses the investigation of ‘hysteria’ in meetings of Kislyak

Putin dismisses the investigation of 'hysteria' in meetings of KislyakRussian President Vladimir Putin rejected the investigation in the meeting between Russian Ambassador and President Donald Trump’s associates on Friday between “Hysteria” and said that the Kremlin did not compromise to reduce sanctions against the country.

U.S. Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak has been the subject of many recent news stories due to the meetings with Trump’s colleagues, including former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and senior adviser Jared Kushner, before the inauguration.

The FBI is reportedly investigating the meetings as part of its investigation, whether the Trump campaign worked closely with suspected efforts to intervene in Russia last year’s election.

But in an interview with NBC Magn Kelly on a panel in St. Petersburg, Putin answered questions about the meetings as “astounding” and “absurd” about meetings.

“Our ambassadors have met someone,” Putin said through a translator.

“What else is an ambassador to do? It gets money for that.

In order to seek an agreement, they will have to discuss meetings, current affairs.

What do you want him to do? ”

Vladimir Putin specifically addressed Kislic’s conversation with Flin.

Flin was forced to resign for three weeks in the job because he had discussed the approval of the Obama Administration against the nation with Kissel during the President’s transition, and then misled the public and Vice President Mike Pence.

Russian President stressed that during the discussions, Flynn and Kremlin did not come to any agreement to reduce sanctions and “there was no time to start talks”.

Vladimir Putin said, “Those people who disagree with me, they will never believe what I will say right now, but I did not know anything about it” Putin said.

“I never knew about anyone about meeting

We have never agreed on anything, we have just said that we have to think about how we should maintain our relations. ”

“Should we not think about that? Do not we do deliberately and not in vain?” “So you see, it’s a surprise

This is some kind of hysteria, and this craze never seems to be stopped. Maybe someone has a tablet that is going to treat this craze. ”

Vladimir Putin again denied that the Russian government had been behind the attacks of David Democratic Party officials and Hillary Clinton’s campaign last year following cyber attacks. Despite the intelligence community, it is saying that it believes in its conclusion that Russia has engineered them to help in the election of trump.

Vladimir Putin blamed the allegations and argued that quote of forensic evidence experts is not a real proof.

The Russian President has accused the Democrats that the Russian intervention question is being used as a Russian nonsense for their intervention and their approach towards Russia against Russia has been compared to anti-counteracting.

“He has made a mistake and he just does not want to recognize this mistake. They do not want to say that they were not intelligent enough,” Vladimir Putin said.

“It is easy to say that it is not our fault, it is all – it is of Russians. They intervened, they intervened, it is like anti-opposition

‘To blame the Jews

You are stupid because the Jews are blamed, ‘Is not it?’ You know, this kind of mood is born – they will not end, and nothing is better, somebody should work and he should understand how to improve things. “

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