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Student Arrested After Allegedly Firing Shots at Huffman High School

Student Arrested After Allegedly Firing Shots at Huffman High SchoolThe shots were fired in the school’s parking lot Tuesday, and police said they were able to tackle a suspect and arrest him. The high school was placed on a temporary lockdown as police investigated.

UPDATE: 10:45 p.m.:Birmingham Police say the whole things started after some students got into a fight.

Parents say they were told to get off of the property and wait for news of the shooting.

“I’ve seen parents out here crying, because they don’t know what’s going on with their kids.” Parent Nikia Garrett said.

She says when she tried to pick her nephew up at Huffman High School, the gates were locked and rumors were flying.

“It’s a scary thing being a parent, knowing your kids are at school and somebody is able to bring a weapon into the school, just as a parent period, that’s crazy.” Garrett said.

She says security was so tight, she was kicked off property and told to wait until the lock down was lifted.

“There could be somebody that’s hurt in there and nobody knows what’s going on with their babies. I am, i’m upset.” Garrett said.

Birmingham Police tell ABC 33/40, a few high school students were fighting inside the school, but teachers put a stop to it.

Police say one of the young men called his older brother.

When he arrived, police say he jumped out of the car and fired his weapon recklessly.

Lt. Sean Edwards says two school resource officers responded and returned fire.

No one was hurt.

“We know that as officers engaged him in fire, we know that, I believe the suspect began to run and so our officers made a decision to chase him and tackle him and make the arrest.” Edwards said.

Birmingham City Council member Lashunda Scales believes, if those officers hadn’t been there, the outcome could have been different.

“Things like this can happen at any school, any public facility. How you respond is what’s important.” Scales said.

We’re told that at least one officer received some scrapes during the take down, but other than that, no one received any serious injuries.

Original: Birmingham Police tell ABC 33/40 that they are responding to an incident at Huffman High School.

A spokeswoman for Birmingham City Schools says Huffman High is on lockdown this afternoon after shots were fired in the area.

An investigation is underway. ABC 33/40 is working for you to get more details and will post them as soon as we get them.

[Source: abc3340.com]

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