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Kathy Griffin and Lisa Bloom Address Trump Photo Controversy

Kathy Griffin and Lisa Bloom Address Trump Photo ControversyAfter four days of apologizing for being presented in a photo with a bloody, cut head of President Donald Trump, comedian Kathy Griffin is speaking at a press conference.

Kathy Griffin will join the ADT on the ADT Friday afternoon to address the controversy by joining Lisa Bloom, when she had offered the photographer Tyler Shield with bloody trump head.

To see the controversial picture, click here.

Lisa Bloom said in a news release that the couple “is going to explain the real motivation behind the image, and he has tolerated it by answering the bullying from the trump family.”

View a live broadcast of the press conference in the video below:

Note: The press conference will go live after starting at noon ADT.

Kathy Griffin was fired from his role as a host on CTN’s annual New Year evening show, as a result of the response received from the submission to Photoshoot.

He later apologized in a video on his twitter account, stating that he went a long way with the photo.

“I am a comedic,” she said. “I cross the line, I move the line, and then cross it, I went too far.”

Trumps has spoken against Kathy Griffin and has decided to follow through his photo.

First Lady Melania Trump released a statement criticizing Griffin and was thinking about his mental health.

As a mother, a wife and a human being, this picture is very upset. When you think of some atrocities in the world, such a photo opportunity is wrong and you think about the mental health of the person who did it.

The president himself lashed out against the comedian on Twitter, saying that his 11-year-old son Barron was distraught at the image of his father’s head being held by Griffin.

Donald Trump Jr., weighed on the image, saying “It’s left today.”

There were only stars who weighed on the disputes. Chelsea Clinton called it “distorted and inaccurate”, while former NYE co-host Anderson Cooper said that she was “frightening”.

Interestingly, “Grumpy” has been accused of doing some griffin with his comedian.

He had a fight with former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, and when Paalin called Griffin “50-year threatening”, he became extremist.

Bluff has also received criticism for representing Griffin. He addressed those comments with a tweet before the press conference.

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